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How to Hunt

This channel is dedicated to sharing outdoor knowledge and encouraging people. Due to popular demand, the sasquatch beings will also be discussed intermittently on this channel. Good hard working honest people have and maintain respect and credibility here at all costs.

This is not a safe place for bullies and douche bags nor the easily offended. 

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David Paulides CanAm Missing Project

Editorial Note: David Paulides does not primarily focus upon the Bigfoot subject, but has conducted a thorough program of research in the past and is an honest authority.

CanAm Missing is a group of retired police officers, search and rescue experts (SAR) and other professionals that are dedicated to researching, on scene investigating and generally understanding the issues associated with people who go missing in the wilds of North America. This has typically been a project that is intensely worked by search and rescue teams starting when the victim is reported lost and usually continuing for the following 7-14 days, the case then flounders in a file cabinet. After years of reading thousands of SAR reports, speaking with dozens of victims, we believe the paradigm of this effort needs change.

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Sasquatch Chronicles

In November of 2012 my brother Woody and I came face to face with several of these creatures in the foothills of WA. They surrounded our car and we could not safely leave the location.

I had never believed in these creatures before and this encounter deeply changed my life. I decided to create a safe outlet for others like myself to discuss our unique encounters and experiences.

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Dixie Cryptid

We tell stories about Bigfoot and other Cryptids.  Some of what you hear will be true. Some will be inspired by true events. |  Youtube Channel

Cameron Buckner
PO Box 166
Ripley, MS 38663

Bob Gymlan
  • Studied anthropology and primatology.
  • I am confident that there is fire to all the smoke.
  • I can show you.
  • I'm not Bob Gimlin, by the way.

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