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Eyewitness Bigfoot

Eyewitness Bigfoot is a searchable repository of the Eyewitness Testimonies of people that have had Bigfoot Encounters.

Eyewitness Bigfoot Staff

Douglas E Nevill, Sr
Webmaster | BIO

Sawyer Bates
Audio / Video Manager | BIO

If you are sharing this site with others, or our Facebook page or our Youtube channel, thank you.  We want to get EVERY eyewitness account archived on this site and available for search and comparison.

  • The more data we have, the better.
  • We will generate and post reports as we have enough data to contrast and compare.

This site is a personal project of the webmaster (me: Doug) and the video producer (Sawyer).  If you want to sponsor this site, it will be because you like what we are doing and you want to help us do it more and better.

We both have full time jobs apart from this project.

TASK: Publish EVERY Eyewitness Account Available

Our goal is to publish every Bigfoot / Sasquatch account that is available.  Share your experience here and we'll get it published within 24 hours.  We hope you have the courage to provide your name, but we understand if you don't.  Publishing your name is not required

Welcome to the Court of Bigfoot

Goal: Find Bigfoot Guilty of Existing (as charged)

We seek to "PROVE", primarily through the preponderance of eyewitness testimony, the existence of Bigfoot.

How Could this be PROVEN?

Can this be proven without capturing one and showing it live or bringing in a carcass?

  • We think so.

In any legitimate court of law that has a jury of peers that possess common sense without a private agenda to push, the Bigfoot creature or Sasquatch being or whatever it is called in different regions around the world is real.

  • The public is the Jury
  • If you have had an experience, YOU are an eyewitness
  • We (EyewitnessBigfoot.com staff) are the Prosecuting Attorneys
  • "Expert Witnesses" are the Defense Attorneys


The Jury is Unfortunately Jaded by Secularism

Our courts in western civilization are supposed to take steps to ensure that the accused has a FAIR AND IMPARTIAL jury.  Unfortunately, this does not always happen.

We are living in a secular society that worships science.  The "scientists" are the prophets and priests of this false religion that denies the supernatural or anything else that it cannot explain without putting it into a test tube.

This science has been taught in government schools in the west for decades and we are reaping the results of their brain washing in many negative ways.

The public (jury) all too often BELIEVES anything that their religion commands of them.  If one of their priests or prophets says its so, then it is true and there is NOTHING that you can do to shake their FAITH.

What is heralded as "science" today is really "pseudo-science" because they make truth claims based upon FAITH while IGNORING plain evidence, because to ponder the evidence simply screws up what they are comfortable believing.

Seeing is Believing?

Not really.  So powerful is this false religion that is paraded as science, that when most people actually SEE a Bigfoot (or common evidences of it that they cannot explain any other way), they still don't believe it.

For most people, it is UNCOMFORTABLE to accept the existence of these creatures.  By default, most people want to try to forget it or are fearful to share it, because they are most likely to be laughed at.

Personally ...

I'd be happy to trade the experience that I had when I was a boy hunting with my brother and dad in a heavily forested East Texas creek bottom with this one: we had a great time together hunting and brought home a bunch of rodents to fry up or put into a stew, both of which I was quite fond.  (We were squirrel hunting)

In other words, things would have been better if it had never happened to us.  It RUINED our day and COMPLICATED our lives.  I've NEVER discussed this with my dad or brother, EVER.

One Recent Example

I am updating this page on: 03/07/2020 at 10:32:48 AM.

I have a new client that grew up in my area and has purchased a business recently and we are redeveloping his website for him.  I asked him if he believed in Bigfoot.  I don't remember if he have a strait answer or not, but he told me this:

I was with several friends and we were hiking along a river (Olympic Peninsula of Washington State).  While hiking, something was throwing small boulders at us from the treeline.  These things were HUGE, larger than any man could toss for more than a few feet." 

So, what was throwing those small boulders (big, heavy rocks) at this small group and why?  It reminds me of that time on the Princess Bride movie when Fezzik (the giant) was throwing large stones at Wesley and they were crashing near him into the boulders about him.

Fezzik told him that "he didn't have to miss."  That is what I believe about Bigfoot throwing rocks.  He isn't trying to kill you, just warning you and encouraging you to leave.


Those persons that have had personal experiences are the eye witnesses.  Maybe a few of them are FRAUDS.  OK, count on some of them being FRAUDS.  Pick a percentage, say "90%" of them are frauds and liars (I don't think so), but go ahead and do so for the sake of argument.

You'll end up with 10% being VALID.

What will you do with their testimony?  Call them ALL liars, trolls, attention seekers?

We think you should LISTEN to what they have to say.  We'll afford the same deference to THE JURY that we do to the eyewitnesses, we will accept the fact that they are sane and capable of drawing their own conclusions.

We hope that they will PUT MORE WEIGHT in the eyewitness testimony than the "expert witnesses", most of whom NEVER venture away from cities.  (The Bigfoot doesn't live in cities as of the writing of this page).  They live in mostly forested and more remote areas.


Here at Eyewitness Bigfoot, we are taking the eyewitness testimony of the thousands that have experienced Bigfoot seriously.

By and large, we are believing that they experienced what they claimed.  We feel NO PRESSURE to be able to make their experiences fit neatly into some predetermined framework.  We don't have no such framework. 

We are just calling the witnesses and having them address the jury.


I will tell you up front that I have ZERO CONFIDENCE in the defense.  The reason why is simple, and I feel compelled to bring out my own prejudice.  I openly admit that I own a common BIAS, though not as common as it was 50 years ago.

I believe it SCIENCE as it used to be classically defined.

Science comes from the latin word "scientia" and it simply means "knowledge".

It is defined as the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experimentation.

The Scientific Method - Classical, TRUE Science

Below are the six steps of the scientific methodVary from these and you have departed from the discipline of science and wandered into the field of the metaphysical.

RELIGION fits with metaphysics.

  • Much of what "science" claims today is actually religious conviction, based upon FAITH, NOT FACTS.  Thus, the "scientist" is actually a practitioner in a religion.

Note that you CANNOT observe ANYTHING that is in the PAST

I Believe in a Powerful, Intelligent Creator

I believe in God.  I believe in an Intelligent Designer.  I also believe the Bible is authoritative.

I am BIASED and I admit it.

True Science NEVER Contradicts True Religion

I am not opposed to science I LOVE science!  I immensely enjoy the natural world and I LOVE exploring its wonders.

"Oppositions of science" are nothing new.  Paul told the young Timothy to avoid the "oppositions of science falsely so called." (I Timothy 6:20)

My Personal Conclusions About Bigfoot

For me as a juror, I'm convinced it is real.  I am not sure what it is.

How have I come to my incomplete conclusion?

NOT from the Bible

The Bible does not explicitly mention Bigfoot.  However, the Bible does reveal some unnatural things that have happened in the past (Genesis) as well as some supernatural things that will happen in the future (Revelation).

I suggest you read those two books CAREFULLY.

But from Science



Thousands have seen it, heard it or otherwise experienced it. It has been and is being OBSERVED.  Overwhelmingly, they see an bipedal creature or being, mostly covered by thick, long hair and when they see it's face, it looks more human than ape.  Welcome to Science, step 1.


We've observed and/or experienced it, so it exists, but what is it


It is a creature, being that lives on many continents and it is neither ape nor human.  It is something else. 


It will be proven to be neither ape nor human.  Available DNA samples should provide authoritative verification, but the "scientific community" will not accept the results.  They would have lots of "egg on their face" to admit the results or they would fear their place among their peers if they dared believe the evidence.

Human beings are quite predictable, after all.


In this case, CROSS EXAMINE the eyewitnesses and test the DNA samples.


Repeat the 5 steps above. 


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