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How do we decide what is a real experience or a lie?

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Not understanding something
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We realize size is sometimes hard to determine, but we want to try and document and store this data.  Do your best to describe the the following.  It may help to compare it to an average 200 pound, six foot tall male human (NOT a body builder) for scale.

  • Height: 6 feet
  • Shoulder breath would be about 20" (less than 2 feet)
  • Chest depth would be about 10" (less than 1 foot)
  • Head will sit on top of shoulders about 3"
  • Size of head will be about 10" high
  • Fully extended arms will extend to above the knee

If your encounter was of more than one, describe the largest one below.

We understand that the arms may have been bent or held in such a way as you could not tell.  Give us your best guess if you can.  Otherwise, you can select "Cannot Say."

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