The Weight of Evidence Provided by Eyewitness Testimony

The Weight of Evidence Provided by Eyewitness Testimony

If you are here because you want proof ... and refuse to accept the testimony of thousands of eyewitnesses from different regions across the earth ... there's not much we can do for you.

Don't Be a Belligerent Idiot

If you don't want to believe the testimony of other people (that are like you, they are NOT crazy) - thousands of them, then NOTHING that you can be shown will convince you ... until you see Bigfoot yourself, and you are not likely to.

Seeing is Believing

That is the way it was for us - those of us that are sharing our experiences with you.  The overwhelming majority of us did not believe in the Bigfoot beings either.

  • Until we saw one or more of them, that is.

So, we understand when others that have not seen the Bigfoot don't believe, but that does not make us care.

Eyewitness Testimony is Weighty

NOTHING is as weighty in a court of law as EYEWITNESS testimony. 

  • In any legitimate court of law, Bigfoot exists.

We're NOT Trying to Convince You

Frankly, we don't give a flip whether or not you believe what we have seen and heard and experienced.  The overwhelming majority of us WISH we had not had the experience we have had.

  • Enjoy your ignorance.

Our experiences are troubling.

Be glad that you have not had a Bigfoot being experience (typically terrifying).  We don't ordinarily advise that you seek them, either.

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