Trusted Resources List Request

Trusted Resources List Request

You may submit your request to be added to our trusted resources via the form below.

We will be the sole arbiter to decide whether or not we are comfortable adding you to our site.  We have the opinion that there is simply a lot of fooey being propagated either in foolish ridicule or in intentional misdirection.  If we "smell" this, we will simply ignore your request.

  • The managers of this website are not in total agreement about the nature of the Bigfoot Creature or Sasquatch being.

At present, Sawyer believes bigfoot to be a highly intelligent, independent species of animal and Doug (me) believes bigfoot to be something unnatural.  I used to believe something very similar to Sawyer, but what I believe has changed as a result of reading and listening and watching the testimonies of others that have experienced.

We do NOT require that you AGREE with all of our positions or conclusions either, but we do require that you are honest and treat the people that have had these encounters respectfully and compassionately.  Many of their day to day lives have been permanently altered due to their experiences.

If you belittle or disregard those that have experiences that do not pair with your belief system or agenda, ... don't bother completing the form below.

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