What do we believe about Bigfoot?

What do we believe about Bigfoot?

What do we believe about Bigfoot?

  • We believe Bigfoot exists.
  • We believe Bigfoot exists in many places on earth.
  • We believe there is a LOT of purposeful misinformation (known lies) that are propagated about Bigfoot from various "authorities."
  • We believe the thousands of us that have personal Bigfoot experiences usually KNOW when "authorities" are LYING about the Bigfoot beings.
  • We believe those that DENY the existence of Bigfoot are simply ignorant (which is acceptable) or LIARS (which is NOT acceptable).

What do we believe Bigfoot is?

Note: what we believe (this website) does not necessarily reflect what others that have submitted their testimonies here believe.  

Read their stories They will tell you what they think Bigfoot is, which is sort of important, since they have actually had experiences with the things.

The team here at Eyewitness Bigfoot is not in complete agreement about the nature of the Bigfoot creature (Sasquatch being).

Doug Currently Believes: Bigfoot / Sasquatch is some sort of human hybrid.  (Note that Doug used to believe that Bigfoot was an elusive ape that was primarily bipedal.)

Sawyer Currently Believes: Bigfoot is a cryptid primate of some sort. (Note that Sawyer wishes that closed minds would also come with closed mouths.)

  • WE believe we don't really fully KNOW what Bigfoot is.
  • WE don't believe Bigfoot is a monkey or gorilla.
  • WE don't believe Bigfoot is a human being.
  • WE believe Bigfoot is an sentient, intelligent being.
  • WE believe Bigfoot is in many ways SUPERIOR to human beings.

Note that we did not say "in every way" superior to human beings.  We believe that the Creator fashioned human beings in his own image as recorded in the book of Genesis in the Bible and that we are the ultimate epitome of the creatures He made to inhabit the earth.

Note that the Bible also teaches that there are beings that are just as real as we are but typically inhabit a different dimension, commonly called "angels".  Man was made "lower" than them.

We believe that the Bible teaches that "fallen" angels (as recorded in Genesis 6) mingled their seed with human women resulting in hybrids with superhuman powers.

Keep this in mind.

What Do You Believe?

Based upon your experience (and we suggest you may want to include the comparative and contrasting experiences of others), what do you think Bigfoot is?

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